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Bloom basics: How to care for your bouquet of flowers.

Thank you if you have bought a lovely bouquet from Bees and Butterflies Flowers or have just got married and would like to keep your bouquet, I appreciate every order so thank you.

Right how to look after them...

1) Your bouquet will arrive in a box vase/ hand wrapped/ flower bag, I would keep this in there a day or two and then either change the water and put the bouquet back inside the box vase or put it in a vase of your own with flower food. After this, change the water everyday!

2) All flowers and foliage stems need to be in the water. Flowers stay fresher for longer when they drink more!

3) Keep the flowers away from drafts, extreme temperatures, and fruit to avoid wilting or the flowers drying out. If you place flowers on a windowsill or anywhere in direct sunlight flowers will overheat.

4) When you are changing the water first remove the dead or dying flowers from the bouquet. Keep the good flowers. Clean the vase thoroughly with soapy water to remove any bacteria and rinse. Replace the water with flower food. For best results cut the stems at an angle about an inch from the bottom so they can drink more water.

I intend to update my new website regularly so i will keep you updated on future blogs that I do! Thank you for reading, love Sarah x

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