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Mr and Mrs Cope

Vanessa and Peter- 28th April 2022

Its been nearly 1 year since I have wrote a blog, ive fell off the wagon and I'm going to make more of an effort to write them (honest!). We have just updated the website and after noticing my last blog post was Feb 2022 I knew I had to write one... so here it is Mr and Mrs Cope. Thank you to them for letting me write up their wedding day!

I normally have to look back at my calendar to find out when the wedding dates are, but not this time, they got got married on my birthday last year so I remember it well.

I knew Vanessa from EDF- East Durham Fitness. I wish I could say I saw her every week there but it was more like she bought flowers from me once a week so that's how I saw her regularly haha. Although, I did get bought 10 fitness classes for Christmas so I may see her soon when I dig my gym clothes out!

Vanessa was a dream to work with, not only is she one of the nicest people I know inside and out but I was super happy she asked me to do the wedding flowers. I knew from her ideas, flowers she liked and the inspiration for the venue that it was going to be an epic wedding to do, I wasn't wrong. Vanessa came to me to chat over a few things, we got a quote to her and it evolved from being a small selection of flowers needed to large hanging pieces too. She trusted us and we delivered.

Before I mention anything else, I must credit the amazing photographers- Charlotte Nelson Photography and Rebecca Kerr Photography. The pictures are outstanding and show the flowers so beautifully. Both their Instagram pages really show off their talent so go and follow them.

Vanessa and Peter got married at The Yorkshire Wedding Barn. We had previously done a hand full of weddings there and its such a stunning venue to style. The views are unreal and the venue is beautiful, its a rustic vibe. The set up can vary depending on how many guests you are having. Vanessa and Peter opted to have their ceremony in the large barn and wanted to reuse their aisle flowers for tablecentres in the reception room.