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The Leightleys... much love!

Lyndsay and Scott got married on New Years Eve in 2019. They were easy going and relaxed regarding the wedding planning and the nicest of people. I was so excited to be a part of their wedding day, creating their flowers at The Baltic, Gateshead.

From the go we hit it off!

Lyndsay and Scott had some awesome suppliers lined up to make their day fantastic. See the full list mentioned in this blog! The photographer who took all these stunning photographs was Pictures By Bish.

They had a small and intimate 12 o clock wedding ceremony in the Baltic 6th viewing box framed with a floral copper arch hired and dressed by us at Bees and Butterflies Flowers. The arch was positioned in front of the large viewing window so that it would ‘frame’ the amazing view of the Tyne Bridge, Millennium Bridge and the Sage…. By gosh it did just that!!!!