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Lock down 2020

Our COVID 19 story....

As a small business owner I wanted to do a blog solely on what’s being going on with Bees and Butterflies Flowers through a worldwide pandemic. Now seems a good time to share, feeling like we are starting to get a little sense of normality returning.

It's crazy to understand that term a worldwide pandemic. This isn’t a blog about how hard it has been or how well we have dealt with it. Simply me sharing my story of Bees and Butterflies Flowers during a pandemic. Working closely with other suppliers and business, I know everyone has there own story.

The word lock down was thrown around in the news for days/ weeks and everyone kind of knew it was coming. During Mother's Day weekend this was a stressful time, I had all these orders (the busiest Mother's Day we have had!) to complete and I knew the lock down was coming fast! Thank god I got through Mother's Day before lock down hit. On Monday 23rd March, the day after Mothers Day Lock down was enforced. My first real feelings were stress, anxious, and straight up scared. I only went full time with the business in October last year. What will happen to the weddings, my business, and thoughts of will it survive. This is the truth but my first thought was heart break for those who had weddings booked. I had two weddings booked in for the week of lock down and the shock of what was going on was crazy. I felt and still do for all the couples who had to postpone their weddings, I know how much excitement and planning comes with the big day. When lock down hit I don't think I quite understood the extent a virus would have on the economy and all families.